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Battery and Manual(2 in 1) Knapsack Sprayer / GF-16SD-01Z

Product Features:
Battery sprayer,reduce labor intensity good atomization,ang simple to operate.Turn on the power switch to

start spraying,turn off to stop.Saving time,effort,efficacy fast speed to fight drugs,pesticide savings,

reduce pollution,simply turn on the power switch can work to fight drugs,turn off the power switch on the

stop.If you run out of battery power during long time outdoor work,continue to work by saving labor,quick

prassure arising and high efficacy.
Applicable scope:
Well suited for wheat, corn, rice, fruit tree, green houses, grapes, tobacco, tea, horticulture and other

agriculture crops spraying, also suited for the large spaces pest control and sanitation prevention. An

excellent sprayer designed for continuous work for remote areas in the wild,high mountains,tea plantations.

Product parameters

Model GF-16SD-01Z
Capacity 16L
Gross Weight 6.6KGS
Normal Pressure 0.2-0.4Mpa
Battery 12V8AH-12V12AH
Packing Quantity 1PC
Packing Dimension 44.5x20x56CM
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